When Do I Perform Clearinghouse Queries?

When Do I Perform Clearinghouse Queries?

If you are a trucking company, you have to have queries for all applicants and for all of your current drivers. You

will do when an applicant applies and whenever a limited query reveals a violation exists in the Clearinghouse

for a current driver. For a limited query, the driver must give the carrier a written release. In order to get a full

query, the driver must set up an account in the Clearinghouse and give electronic permission for the specific

company to conduct its inquiry. Drivers who don't give consent for a Clearinghouse query must be removed from

duty or not hired. For more information visit the FMCSA website here.

Also, later this year the FMCSA will allow trucking companies to set up Clearinghouse accounts with the FMCSA

Portal. Truckers without an account should make one as soon as possible. All they will need is their USDOT pin

number in order to sign up. Single owner-operator carriers have to use their drug/alcohol consortium in order

to set up their accounts.

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