The Results are in for RoadCheck 2019

The Results are in for RoadCheck 2019

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance announced the results of the annual 3-day road check that took place in June

this year. More than 67,000 heavy vehicle inspections were conducted across North America this past summer. Only 17.9%

of trucks and busses were put out of service which is almost 4.5% lower than 2018's campaign. Also 4.2% of truck drivers

checked this year were put out of service which is a slight increase from 2018 which was only 3.9%. The major vehicle

out-of-service violations during this year's road check were: braking systems (28%), tires and wheels (19.3%), brake

adjustments (17.1%), cargo securement (12.2%), and lighting devices (11.5%). Drivers on the other hand were placed out

of service mostly for hours of service (37.2%), wrong license class (22.5%), false logs (14.7%), and suspended licenses

(7.3%). The next International RoadCheck is scheduled for May 5th-7th in 2020.

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