FMCSA Reinstated Weekly Driving Hour Reset

FMCSA Reinstated Weekly Driving Hour Reset

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration finally reinstated the original regulations allowing truck drivers to reset

their weekly driving hours with a 34-hour rest. In 2011 these regulations had certain regulations on the 34-hour rest. First

the restart had to include two periods between 1:00 and 5:00 AM and the second regulation was that the rest could only

be used once every seven days. In December of 2016, Congress suspended the aforementioned regulations until the

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration could prove with statistical date that the regulations made significant safety

improvements. The FMCSA sent a report to Congress that did not find any added safety benefits that came along with

their two regulations to the 34-hour rest. Finally, FMCSA removed the added restrictions. This means that drivers can

take their 34-hour rest during the week whenever it is best for them.

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