Brake Safety Week

Brake Safety Week

Stay on the lookout! Brake Safety week will still be going on till Saturday, September 21st.

This year they are not just checking brakes and their adjustments. The emphasis this year is on hoses and

tubing.Inspector will be looking for 4 main problems with air lines in your vehicle. These issues are:

1. A cracked, broken, kinked, or improperly joined or spliced air line.

2. Chafing ot rubbing and worn down to a second color or the air line's nylon braid is showing.

3. The air line could contact the exhaust system or other heat source.

4. Finally, they will looking to see if the air line is bulging or swelling when air pressure is applied or it has an audible air leak.

It is important to make sure that your truck meets all the requirements everyday, but it is extremely important

that if you have any of these issues you get them fixed before heading out the next couple of days.

Did you know that last year on May 15th, the CVSA conducted a secret Brake Safety Day across the United States

and Canada? 10,358 motor vehicle inspections focused on identifying brake system violations. 1,667 vehicles or

16.1% that were checked on that day were placed out of service for critical brake violations!

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